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            The visitor's book in Fountain Bush has a new and very beautiful, colourful french comment.

            The visitor’s book in Fountain Bush has a new and very beautiful, colourful comment.

            We had a really wonderful Easter weekend at Witvoets Kloof.  There were ten children altogether in the three units. So the place rang with the happy (and sometimes not so happy!) sounds of children being children… The volleyball net was put to good use and all the families staying here enjoyed walking to the waterfall at some point during the weekend.

            The children staying at Arum Lily loved our five geese. I missed the most beautiful picture opportunity on Monday as they were getting ready to leave.  Jan and I were at Fountain Bush. We looked up the hill to see a perfect Hansel and Gretel tableau. A young lady in a pretty lavender dress and a small brother or friend were walking up the lawn very purposefully making a line of crumbs all the way up to Arum.  Jan went to fetch the fowl (and my camera!). As soon as the geese started enjoying the feast, some of the other children chased them, much to Hansel and Gretel’s very vocal dismay! I was too late to capture this delightful scene and was briefly tempted to photograph the hop scotch game drawn in chalk on the paving in front of the house instead.

            Our new little unit, Sewejaartjie,  was blessed with two enthusiastic young campers with an equally avid canine camper called “Bangers”- you guessed it – a saucy sausage dog who entered into the spirit of things and was seen traipsing along as the girls rode on their bicycles. I have it on good authority that the Easter Bunny paid them a very abundant visit.

            Fountain Bush was home to a dainty French-speaking mademoiselle from Switzerland.  Lucie clearly loves nature and was thrilled with the porcupine quills and feathers she found. We added some extra quills and a few owl feathers to her collection as well as two pictures of the spotted eagle owl that was found here last year.

            Our young Swiss guest rewarded us with the most beautiful, colourful  guest comment for our visitor’s book (and a picture of the owl too). We are looking forward to receiving a picture of Lucie…she made herself a nest with scatter cushions and slept in the fork of an old tree stump next to the water lily dam at Fountain Bush. Best use of scatter cushions we have ever come across!

            Meanwhile the adults made breakfast in their pajamas, played with the children and generally absorbed some of the tranquility of Fynbos Retreat .

            Behind the scenes we juggled water pumps, generators and solar power and kept the wood supply going.  What a pleasure to have such good guests who left the houses so tidy and us with these lovely lingering memories of children’s laughter and awe.

            Perdita Van Dijk Du Bois




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